What We Do

Rustic / Industrial Furniture & Furnishing

This is our specialty, and we do it best. From bed frames, to benches, tables, chairs, bars and bar stools, patio furniture, butcher block islands, to coffee tables. From inside to outside, we've got your back and work diligently to turn your dreams to a reality. Not only do we specialize in home furnishings, we make sure to take our same great quality of work and skill into your workplace as well! Including custom floating shelves, full-size shelves and storage, accent walls, rustic industrial/modern lighting, desks, entertainment centers, benches, chairs, conference tables, you name it we can do it.

Plasma CNC Art

This aspect is not cut by hand, however CNC or Computer Numerical Control, this makes the possibilities endless. This is done by having a plasma cutter and a computer operated robotic axis working off a software program which allows us to cut pretty much anything from wild life designs to scenery, from your favorite sports teams to names and dates. With this we can bring our furniture, accent walls, and our welding fabrication to that next level design our customers are looking for.

Metal Wraps

We work with some of the best in the industry. With top of the line equipment, and one of a kind designs, any and all of our metal can be wrapped with vinyl. We offer almost every color and texture imaginable. From base colors like orange and black, to out of this world textures and designs from a splattered look to logos, american flags, and diamond plate. Depending on the design, this process can sometimes even be faster than paint and the designs are endless.

Welding & Fabrication

We offer general welding and fabrication big and small. From minor adjustments to full-scale trailer remodels, we do it all.

Paint, Powdercoat, and Hydro Dipping

The typical look in regards to Rustic and Industrial, is just a blackend steel look with a clear coat. However we offer all kinds of paint jobs, including base colors like orange and black to even powder coats like Chrome. There are advantages to both but we want to make sure you have tons of options. Powder coat is done by spraying positively charged power through a gun to a metal that is negatively charged to get them to stick through static electricity then baking them in an industrial oven to melt the powder and is left to harden. No streaks, no runs and no "orange peel".


We do all of our own Installs on all of our products, and we have a great network of sub contractors. We offer an array of accent walls, pergolas, gondolas, concrete counter tops, and structures under 200 sq. ft.

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